One central AI powered software

Operate robot fleets reliably and cost-effectively

The WAKU Platform enables you to have data-driven asset and maintenance management, monitoring and process data evaluation in real time, as well as order and traffic management for robots from all manufacturers.

The WAKU Platform

The WAKU Platform is an all-in-one software platform with all relevant functions for managing, controlling, and analyzing mobile robots (AGV & AMR). As an independent software platform, the WAKU Platform integrates devices from all manufacturers.


Intelligent traffic and order management for your whole mixed fleet


Data-driven process metrics for informed decision making


Preventive maintenance and repairs for reliable robot performance

Intuitive user interface for non-technical users

Easy start for any fleet size

Vendor independence for maximum flexibility

3 Powerful Modules For Your AGV / AMR Fleets

Care Module: Efficient Maintenance & Repairs

Robot management across processes, departments, and sites
Analysis of manual efforts and equipment performance (OEE) for efficient fleet maintenance planning
Standardized checklists for maintenance and repairs
Preventive maintenance based on device data and intelligent algorithms (AI)
Digital documentation for transparent repairs and maintenance cycles
Central collaboration tool for communication with integrators and manufacturers
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Analytics Module: Analyze, understand, and optimize your processes

Most important KPIs at a glance
Powerful data collection, processing, and analysis for all devices
Real-time data allows monitoring of all missions and orders
Deep insights into robot utilization and performance on historical data
Reliability insights and failure analysis for preventive measures
Multi-channel alerting to reduce downtime from errors and anomalies (MS Teams, Slack, E-Mail, SMS, etc.)
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Fleet Module: Take control of your all movements and orders

Smoothly operate robot fleets from different vendors
Management and orchestration of all orders
Prevention of collisions and downtime through precise rules
Easy integration into existing WMS/ERP etc.
Flexible customization of the user-friendly interface
Integration of manual vehicles and peripherals (e.g. light barriers and sensors)
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Selected customers


WAKU Care Module

With the WAKU Platform, operators of robot fleets, manufacturers and integrators benefit from a centralized, cloud-based software for mobile robots (AGV and AMR). The Care module enables all parties to perform proper maintenance of all devices as well as asset management of your mobile robot fleets with a comprehensive digital twin.

Discover all benefits for robot operators, integrators and robot manufacturers!

Robot Operators
WAKU Care enables robot operators to efficiently schedule, track, and carry out routine maintenance tasks, ensuring optimal robot performance, minimizing unplanned downtime, and extending the operational lifespan of the robots.
Comprehensive overview of all assets and workload
Reduced cost and downtime
Increased potential for use cases
Robot Manufacturers
WAKU Care offers robot OEMs the advantage of proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance, enhancing the longevity and efficiency of their robotic systems while minimizing downtime.
Efficient after sales support
Higher customer satisfaction
Extended robot lifecycle
System Integrators
WAKU Care equips robot integrators with the capability to remotely manage and optimize the performance of multiple robotic systems across various clients sites, streamlining maintenance operations and maximizing overall system uptime.
Higher customer satisfaction
Better efficiency of support services
More potential use cases

WAKU Platform: The Success Story

TTI Inc. Works with WAKU Platform

Find out how TTI Inc. managed to operate mobile robots from different manufacturers efficiently with the WAKU Platform. With intelligent traffic management from WAKU Robotics AGVs, and AMRs from different manufacturers can be operated in the same environment. In addition, WAKU Robotics enables processes to be made transparent and optimisable through extensive process analytics. Through the Instant Alerting & Monitoring, TTI Inc. was able to immediately detect and solve errors that occur on the robot.

Recently connected devices

Selected robot vendors on our platform:

Flexible Integration of Robot Systems: Exceeds beyond VDA5050

Integrating mobile robots into the WAKU Platform can be achieved through various methods, including Plug and Play for devices that utilize our lightweight Software Development Kit (SDK). We are also able to connect to leading industry standards like VDA5050 or MassRobotics.

Looking for advise?

With WAKU Consulting, we offer consulting on robotic systems (like AGV and AMR) as well as other innovative intraglogistic automation solutions. Our experienced robot experts support you with the selection and planning of the best robot solutions for your processes. We provide a quick and efficient start for your robot journey. Our professional use case analysis provides a solid solution design as well as ROI calculation of all selected cases. Also, we support you during the procuremnt process and provide proper training for your employees. We successfully worked with global enterprises as well with SMEs in different verticals.

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