WAKU Sense - Full control over all systems

Start into the future of logistics with WAKU Sense!

One software for all systems (FTS, AMR, AGV)
Mobile Robot Performance Cockpit
Real-time Evaluation & Optimization
Vendor Independent Traffic Management
Suitable for any fleet size

save money and increase productivity

Transparency & Control of all your robots in one interface

All robots from multiple vendors on a live single map.
Real-time insights, incident management, error logs and multi-channel alerting for desktop and mobile devices.

Understand and leverage the potential of your robot fleet

Selected Manufacturers

...and others.

WAKU Sense

Full Service Robot Consulting

WAKU Plan - Consulting

With WAKU PLAN we offer you the complete package for automation with mobile robots (FTS, AGV and AMR) in logistics and production. Our services include: market overview, solution design, simulation, calculation of the business case and advice on purchasing the systems. Our international customers trust in WAKU PLAN.

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