The digital toolchain for robot operators

the WAKU Platform

Live map and real-time evaluation of all processes
Performance Cockpit & Instant Alerting for all AGVs and AMRs
Vendor-independent traffic and order management
Manage assets, maintenance routines & repairs
Easy launch for any fleet size

Intuitive - Secure - Independent

Everything in real time: error management, process data, full control of all systems!

Intuitive technology for excellent operations

Minimal effort. Maximum efficiency.

Focus on your added value. Make daily operations proactive and data-based. Streamline operations of your robot fleet.

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Your operations, your future

A shortage of skilled workers, increasing logistics demands, and individual customer needs. These challenges can only be met with fundamental adjustment of operations: highly optimized and digitally connected environments, where humans and robots work together.

Optimal decisions based on real-time data

Intuitive "no-code" user interfaces

Fast and flexible response to process changes

Manufacturer independent

Connect automated isolated solutions

Secure shared environment for people and machines

Identify and apply cost savings

Maximum reliability in operations

Pioneering use of the latest technologies

Customer Experience




Higher process utilization and efficiency



Increased uptime for your robots



Less manual effort for robot control and maintenance

Streamline your operations

The operating system for your digital operations

As mobile robots transform warehouses, distribution centers and production facilities, the top priorities for operators are to remain flexible without locking into a particular vendor, to avoid inconsistent views for operators, and to enrich rudimentary technical data with actionable, real-time process results.

First class integrators work with WAKU Care

"WAKU Robotics' products were a natural choice for us. Their technology seamlessly integrates with our logistics solutions, enhancing our ability to deliver top-notch service and efficiency to our clients."

Dominik Nemeth, Chief Operating Officer, Advanced Robotics

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