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Unlock operational efficiency and consistency with our dynamic Work Templates feature, designed to guide non-technical personnel seamlessly through various tasks while ensuring adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Tailored to suit diverse use cases such as troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance, safety checks, installation documentation, and beyond, our Work Templates offer unparalleled flexibility.

Non-technical users can navigate complex procedures effortlessly, aided by step-by-step guidance embedded within each template, reducing the learning curve and minimizing the risk of errors.

The adaptability of our Work Templates empowers your team to apply standardized procedures across a spectrum of scenarios, fostering a uniform approach to tasks.

Whether it's routine maintenance or critical safety checks, our templates provide a structured framework that guarantees precision and compliance.

Elevate your business operations with this powerful tool, streamlining processes and instilling confidence in the execution of a wide array of tasks across your B2B enterprise.

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Highlights of work templates

Share Templates with Partners & Public
Better collaboration by sharing your meticulously crafted work templates with partners, fostering seamless communication and alignment on standardized procedures. Additionally, publicly sharing templates on our platform promotes industry best practices, allowing users to learn from and adopt proven workflows, ultimately elevating operational standards across the community.
Maintenance, Repairs, Troubleshooting, ...
Embrace versatility in task management with our flexible work templates, adaptable to a myriad of use cases including troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance, safety checks, installations, and more. This ensures efficiency and accuracy across the spectrum of operations in your robotic ecosystem.
Ensure Standardization (SOP)
Work templates serve as a robust tool to ensure adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), providing a structured and consistent framework for task execution. By leveraging these templates, businesses can uphold quality standards, minimize errors, and streamline operations, fostering a culture of reliability and compliance within their processes.

Guidance by images, videos, PDFs and more

Enriching work templates with images, videos, and other files enhances user guidance, providing visual cues that streamline task execution and ensure adherence to quality standards. This multimedia integration not only facilitates a clearer understanding of complex procedures but also promotes consistent and high-quality outcomes, empowering users to excel in their tasks with precision.

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  WAKU Care plays a crucial role in our support and maintenance strategy. It is an excellent software equipped with numerous AMR-specific and highly intelligent functionalities. This guides our technicians throughout the entire process and enables our customers to monitor their AMR assets seamlessly.

Dr. Andreas Bahke, Vice President Robotics at Körber Business Area Supply Chain

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Proactively minimize downtime

Intelligent maintenance cycles for all devices

Collaboration with integrators & service providers

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