Cases – Ticketing system built for robots

Capture Anomalies, Incidents, Accidents and Improvements

Combine Ticket with Device Data and Work Orders

React Fast, Communicate Efficient, Reduce Downtimes

Revolutionize your robotic operations with our tailored ticketing system, designed exclusively for seamless integration with robot applications and real-time device data connectivity.

Experience unparalleled efficiency as the ticketing system bridges the gap between human intervention and automated processes, ensuring swift issue resolution and optimal performance.

Our specialized system allows for the creation and tracking of tickets directly linked to specific robots, providing a centralized hub for managing maintenance, troubleshooting, and optimization tasks.

With real device data connection, gain actionable insights into each robot's performance, enabling proactive issue identification and predictive maintenance planning. Enhance collaboration and communication by empowering your team to log and address issues promptly, fostering a proactive approach to robotic maintenance.

The ticketing system not only streamlines workflows but also contributes to a proactive and data-driven maintenance strategy, elevating your robotic enterprise to new heights of operational excellence.

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Highlights of Cases

Enrich with Device Data
Enhance ticket context seamlessly by incorporating real device data, providing instant insights into the reported situation and empowering swift, informed decision-making for efficient issue resolution.
Smart Suggestions
Intelligent solution suggestions derived from the analysis of previous tickets and their successful resolutions, streamlining decision-making and fostering efficiency in your service operations.
Suggest guided solutions
Enhance issue resolution efficiency by seamlessly adding a work template as a solution suggestion to your service ticket, streamlining processes and ensuring standardized, effective responses within your workflow.
Capture your operational status in a single glance
Gain invaluable insights into your operational landscape with our ticketing system's robust dashboard, offering a comprehensive overview of ticket numbers, current states, and other key metrics. Empower decision-makers with real-time data, facilitating informed strategies and optimizing your workflow for enhanced efficiency in issue resolution and service management.

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Customer Voices

  WAKU Care plays a crucial role in our support and maintenance strategy. It is an excellent software equipped with numerous AMR-specific and highly intelligent functionalities. This guides our technicians throughout the entire process and enables our customers to monitor their AMR assets seamlessly.

Dr. Andreas Bahke, Vice President Robotics at Körber Business Area Supply Chain

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Advantages of the WAKU Platform

Proactively minimize downtime

Intelligent maintenance cycles for all devices

Collaboration with integrators & service providers

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