Success Story

Successful start with driverless transport systems & WAKUs software platform in the Hermes logistics center of the Otto Group

About the Hermes logistics center

2-man handling (2-MH) with packages from 31.5kg


 Storage size approx. 76,000 sqm

 Shipping up to 10,000 orders per day


  • Together with WAKU Robotics, the Otto Group carried out a proof-of-concept (PoC) in their Hermes logistics center with a driverless transport system (AGV) from Melkus Mechatronic
  • The feasibility of integrating mobile robots into an existing layout with manual processes was checked
  • The PoC with the AGV provided important insights, which means that the integration of mobile robots in other applications and in various logistics centers is definitely feasible
  • With WAKU Robotics software, the robot performance (utilization, speed, loading time, etc.) could be continuously measured, analyzed and optimized
  • A target/actual comparison of the procedural target values was made much easier by the software from WAKU, which enabled countermeasures to be taken efficiently in the event of deviations
Multi-Vendor Fleet Traffic Management Live-Map Real-Time Dashboards Incident Management Error Heatmaps Alerting

  We are based in Hamburg, so we are not always on-site. With WAKU Platform from the WAKU Platform we can monitor the system, we can see what the device is doing as well as all statistics. We can also see errors, states of charge, and all we need to do our job.

Lutz Schmidt, Senior Project Manager | Otto Group

Final Findings

WAKU Platform enabled the analysis of robot key figures, e.g. the evaluation of error causes, robot performance and utilization as well as battery consumption.

The WAKU Platform helped significantly in continuously measuring robot performance, identifying weak points and making time-critical adjustments.

Through the WAKU Platform, employees were informed of potential disruptions and were able to resolve them immediately, minimizing downtime.

The integration of mobile robots into an existing layout with manual processes and large pallets is quite feasible.

Employees were significantly relieved by using the AGV in the transport process.

In the future, the operation of mobile robots is to be planned in other logistics centers of the Otto Group.

  We wanted to buy the expertise. There are so many players on the market at the moment and when you start with this topic, it's really difficult to keep track of it. The WAKU Platform offers us exactly this extension of knowledge in order to create added value for us.

Wiebke Köster, Senior Project Manager | Otto Group

Why WAKU Platform?

With WAKU Platform we enable our customers to realize the full potential of their mobile robot fleet. Our customers use the Software-as-a-Service product to manage the traffic of mobile robots from different manufacturers within warehouse and production environments. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, you can easily define your own traffic regulations. WAKU Platform ensures the interoperability of robots and manual vehicles, i.e. the ability of devices from different manufacturers to interact reliably with each other .

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