Minimize downtime - optimize servicing efficiency

Predictive Maintenance

Enable targeted and efficient interventions

Transforming maintenance from a reactive chore into a proactive

Experience a paradigm shift in robotic operations with our predictive maintenance feature, a cornerstone for highly available robot fleets.

By harnessing advanced analytics and real-time data, our software anticipates potential issues, allowing proactive intervention before equipment failure.

This not only minimizes downtime but also extends the lifespan of robotic assets.

Predictive maintenance optimizes resource allocation by enabling targeted interventions, ensuring that maintenance efforts are precisely directed where they are needed most.

Embrace a cost-effective approach that revolutionizes the efficiency of your robotic fleet, transforming maintenance from a reactive chore into a proactive, strategic advantage for sustained operational excellence.

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Preview Status and Prediction
Gain strategic planning advantages by previewing the current state of a usage metric and predicting its next triggering, empowering proactive decision-making and optimizing resource allocation for enhanced operational efficiency.
Usage Based
Harness the power of real device data to benefit from predictive maintenance for robots, foreseeing potential issues and proactively optimizing performance based on actionable insights.
Anomaly Detection
Real device data serves as a crucial tool, enabling the detection of anomalies in robot processes by providing detailed insights into performance metrics, facilitating swift and informed corrective actions.
Progress Status
Experience the power of a comprehensive progress overview across all devices, a pivotal tool in predictive maintenance for robots, providing a holistic view that aids in identifying trends, optimizing interventions, and ensuring the seamless longevity of your robotic fleet.

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  WAKU Care plays a crucial role in our support and maintenance strategy. It is an excellent software equipped with numerous AMR-specific and highly intelligent functionalities. This guides our technicians throughout the entire process and enables our customers to monitor their AMR assets seamlessly.

Dr. Andreas Bahke, Vice President Robotics at Körber Business Area Supply Chain

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Advantages of the WAKU Platform

Proactively minimize downtime

Intelligent maintenance cycles for all devices

Collaboration with integrators & service providers

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