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WAKU Consulting - Consulting for robotic systems (AGV, AMR)

With WAKU Consulting we offer you packages for consulting and planning of logistics automation projects. We support you with exploring the mobile robot (AGVs & AMRs) market and with finding the best solutions for you.

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How we work


What are the possibilities? Which processes are relevant to look at?

Technological assessment

Analysis of existing processes and environment conditions. Definition of requirements for planning. Feasibility assessment based on technological and processual needs, compared to available technology on the market.


Creation of concepts for automated warehouses and production facilities. Detailed look into material flow requirements to assess optimal system size. Study of the layout and first drafts of new material flows and infrastructure.


Verification of results of the planning phase with a material flow simulation. Specialised simulation for mobile robot use cases. Presentable animation of material flow with advanced analytics.


Selection of the best available technology (mobile robots or else). Find the best supplier on the market for your specific needs based on commercial and technological criteria. Utilisation of our robot database from Lots Of Bots.


Handover of concepts to suppliers to get budget estimations. Development of detailed and fixed quotations with customers and suppliers ready to order. Support in price negotiations and the order process.

ROI & productivity calculations

Based on supplier offers and material flow analysis. Calculation of ROI periods and expected productivity increases. Commercial optimization and selection of the most economically feasible use cases.


Support for the decision making process with all relevant stakeholders. Adapted to the specific needs of the organisation. Give recommendations for selection of suppliers based on hard and soft factors.

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That's what customers say about us

  We are very satisfied with the solution that we were able to implement with WAKU Consulting and recommend working together.

Hendrik Hafenrichter, Project Manager at Offergeld Logistics

Areas in which we provide Consulting

Intralogistics planning

Integral planning of logistics processes for warehouses and production facilities.

Mobile Robots

Planning and tendering of mobile robot projects or proof of concepts.

Flexible Sorting Solutions

Planning and tendering of sorting solution projects or proof of concepts.

Automated Picking Solutions

Planning and tendering for picking solutions like Goods-to-Person, Autostore, Zone Picking and more.

Intralogistics Innovations

Guiding through the newest innovations suitable for your warehouse or production facility.


Simulating automated processes for productivity analysis and as a visualization of your material flow.

Cleaning Robots

Planning and tendering of cleaning robot projects or proof of concepts.

Exploration of automation opportunities

Identify use cases with the most potential for automation based on commercial and technological criteria.

Software for logistics automation

Definition of software requirements and matchmaking with providers

That's what customers say about us

  Thanks to the professionalism of WAKU Robotics, we were able to gain an insight into the digitalization of transport processes. The cooperation worked very well and the exchange was also very easy with the company. WAKU Robotics always had time to exchange information with us in various meetings. We can very gladly recommend the company because of its professional competence, reliability and creativity.

Akos Nemeth, Warehouse Expert at Atomic

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Into the future with WAKU

"Our experienced team of robot & logistics experts supports you on your automation journey."

Benjamin Billaudelle, WAKU Consulting

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