WAKU Care Compared: The Optimal CMMS Solution for OEMs and Integrators in Robotics

Published on 08.07.2024

To ensure the reliability, efficiency, and availability of mobile robots, it is crucial for OEMs and integrators of mobile robots to integrate a top-tier CMMS into their processes. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) provide a structured and reliable way to manage and optimize maintenance processes, resource management, and cost control. By proactively planning and performing maintenance tasks, companies can minimize downtime, extend the lifespan of their products, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

Choosing the right CMMS for a company is of paramount importance and has significant impacts on the overall performance of maintenance processes. Despite the wide variety of CMMS solutions available on the market, the systems vary greatly in their features, user-friendliness, integration capabilities, and support offerings. To ensure that all company needs are met, it is important to compare the systems to evaluate the pros and cons and find the right CMMS for your business.

WAKU Care Compared with Alternative CMMS Systems

WAKU Robotics is a leading provider of a CMMS system specifically designed for the operation of robot fleets. It helps companies optimize their production processes through efficient maintenance management and provides OEMs and integrators with an excellent platform to significantly improve the management of their customers' robots.

With WAKU Care, we offer our customers a specialized CMMS with several key features that stand out compared to traditional CMMS solutions on the market.

Free Trial: Most CMMS solutions offer potential customers a free trial period. However, it is often the case that not all features are unlocked during this trial, diminishing the user experience.
WAKU Robotics offers every customer a 14-day trial period. During these 14 days, the company has the opportunity to fully utilize the platform, ask questions, and get a comprehensive understanding of the CMMS's features.

Work Templates: The Work Templates in WAKU Care are a unique feature among CMMS systems. These templates can be adapted to a variety of use cases, including troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance, safety checks, installations, and more. Compared to other CMMS solutions, WAKU Care's Work Templates offer a robust solution for maintaining quality standards. Many generic CMMS systems have templates, but they often lack the specialization and adaptability that WAKU Care provides. Shared Work Templates improve collaboration with partners, allowing seamless communication and alignment on standardized procedures.

Data Storage: Nearly all CMMS solutions on the market have data storage capabilities. This is crucial for maintaining maintenance and inspection records and for long-term analysis and reporting.

AI Insights: Most providers, including WAKU Care, integrate artificial intelligence to gain valuable insights and analyses from the collected data. This feature helps companies develop preventive maintenance strategies and make informed decisions. By utilizing AI Insights, companies can identify potential issues early, minimize downtime, and significantly improve the efficiency of their maintenance processes.

Data Connector: WAKU Care is the only provider offering a Data Connector. This unique feature allows seamless integration with other enterprise systems and IoT devices. The Data Connector simplifies data consolidation and analysis, leading to a significant improvement in overall efficiency. Companies can connect various data sources, gain comprehensive insights, and optimally manage their maintenance processes.


Choosing the right CMMS is crucial for the success of a company in the robotics industry. Compared to alternative CMMS solutions, WAKU Care stands out with features such as the Data Connector, specialized Work Templates, and powerful AI Insights. These features greatly contribute to optimizing maintenance processes, increasing efficiency, and reducing operational costs. A thorough comparison of available systems is essential to find the best solution for a company's individual needs. With WAKU Care, companies have a powerful and forward-thinking CMMS solution tailored to the challenges and requirements of robot maintenance.
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