Intro: The Robot Operations Framework

Published on 19.01.2022

How do we successfully implement a mobile robot in our company? Can we test a mobile robot in the company in advance? What changes in the warehouse when we integrate robots? How do we make the performance of the robots measurable? We were asked these and many more questions by several companies during our first meeting. With our Robot Operations Framework, we would like to answer these questions in detail and make it easier for companies to take the step into automation with mobile robots. In this article, we would like to introduce the Robot Operations Framework.
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Profiting from automation with mobile robots

Companies ask themselves at the beginning whether automation makes sense for them. There are numerous arguments in favor of automation. Structural problems such as the shortage of skilled workers, uncertainties in the form of crises or climate catastrophes accompany us in everyday life and require flexibility as well as digital solutions. With mobile robots on site, you counteract the shortage of skilled workers. You can flexibly compensate for seasonal peaks with mobile robots, e.g., through the robot-as-a-service model where you can rent or lease mobile robots and thus increase or reduce your fleet. You also relieve your warehouse workforce of repetitive and physically demanding tasks, freeing up resources for more value-creating tasks, which can also speed up other business processes. With automation through mobile robots, you can significantly increase your overall productivity as well as ensuring a positive ROI in the long run.


The Robot Operations Framework as a practical guide

The Robot Operations Framework is a practical guide to successful automate with mobile robots for companies in logistics and production.

You do not arbitrarily select a mobile robot. There exists a use case that you want to automate (e.g. picking goods or transporting materials). The initial experimental test of this use case with a mobile robot on site, is what we call a Proof of Concepts (PoC). The handbook provides a holistic approach with best practices and materials for the successful preparation, execution and evaluation of the PoC.


3 Pillars of Robot Operation Excellence

In the second part, we focus on the detailed view of automation with mobile robots in the company. This includes the three pillars of the team, infrastructure, and processes (TIP). With the framework, we show you how the team, the infrastructure as well as processes need to change to enable the successful operation of robots in an automated warehouse. This is where challenges arise that you need to manage successfully. The framework gives you numerous tips.



Mobile robots have long since found their way into modern warehouses and production facilities since they can boost your productivity, reduce costs and increase your ROI. However, selecting, implementing, and operating the right robotic solution can be a challenge for companies. The success of integrating a robot depends on several factors including the selection of the use case to be automated, the decision for a robot solution, and the successful execution of a PoC. During the PoC and beyond, the management of the team, the preparation of the infrastructure, and the adaptation of the processes have to be considered. A well-structured and systematic approach is essential for the success of the implementation. With the Robot Operations Framework, we provide you with a guideline to successfully master these challenges.


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