Mastering Robot (AGV & AMR) Maintenance & Repairs: The Potential of Intelligent Software Solutions

Published on 01.06.2023

In the constantly evolving world of robotics, mobile robots such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) play an increasingly important role for logistics and production companies. They enable more efficient and flexible material movement in various industries, increase productivity, and optimize warehouse operations. However, along with the numerous benefits these robots offer, regular maintenance and, if necessary, repairs are crucial to maintain their performance and reliability. Agnostic software solutions provide extensive functionalities to simplify the maintenance of mobile robots through individually configured maintenance cycles and efficiently carry out repairs.

The Importance of Maintenance for Mobile Robots

Maintenance of mobile robots is of great significance as it helps avoid unexpected breakdowns that can cause production downtime and costs. Through regular maintenance measures such as inspections, cleanings, and software updates, potential issues can be detected and addressed early on. Additionally, repairs play a vital role in quickly repairing or replacing failed components or damaged parts to bring the robots back into operation. This ensures a longer lifespan of the robots and continuous availability for operations.

Simplifying Maintenance and Repairs with Software Solutions

User-friendly software solutions offer features that optimize and simplify the maintenance process of your entire robot fleet from multiple manufacturers. Here are some important functions that such software should fulfill:

  1. Maintenance planning and configuration: The maintenance software should provide a user-friendly interface to easily create, perform, and track maintenance plans. This allows for systematic and efficient robot maintenance.

  2. Overview of all maintenance cycles: The defined maintenance plans should be visible in a user interface, providing users with information such as the description of the maintenance, the robots involved, duration, status, and checklists for efficient execution.

  3. Active Notification System: The maintenance software should automatically send notifications about important maintenance events to relevant individuals and generate detailed logs about the robots' condition and maintenance history. This keeps users well-informed and enables them to make informed decisions.

  4. Diagnosis and Troubleshooting: A good maintenance software should provide the capability to collect and analyze diagnostic data from all your robots from multiple manufacturers. Historical data on maintenance and repairs should be readily accessible, allowing for early detection of potential problems and taking appropriate measures to minimize downtime and maximize repair efficiency.

  5. Collaboration with Integrators: An effective software solution should offer remote support capabilities to diagnose and resolve issues. Your integrator can provide quick and efficient assistance without being physically present.


Maintenance and repairs of mobile robots (AGVs & AMRs) are crucial for maintaining their performance and reliability. By using agnostic user-friendly maintenance software, maintenance tasks can be simplified and made more understandable for users. Investments in high-quality software solutions for maintenance pay off in the long run and enable smooth operation of your mobile robots.

WAKU Platform Makes the Difference

With WAKU Platform, we enable our customers to unleash the full potential of their robot fleet. The WAKU Platform is a manufacturer-independent Robot Control Tower that allows for analysis, optimization, control, and maintenance of mobile robots. Your robots can be easily integrated into WAKU Platform. With the Care module, the maintenance and repair of mobile robots (AGVs & AMRs) from different manufacturers can be easily planned, executed, and monitored. This way, you retain full control over your robot fleet!

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