Preventive Maintenance of Mobile Robots (AGV & AMR) saves Costs and Time

Published on 11.08.2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of automation in intralogistics, mobile robots (AGV & AMR) have proven their worth in streamlining operations. These versatile robots are entrusted with a multitude of tasks, from material transportation to cleaning. As the heartbeat of modern-day industries, their uninterrupted performance is desirable and essential. This is where preventive maintenance steps into the spotlight, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the consistent and reliable performance of these machines.

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Preventive Maintenance instead of reactive incident management

Maintenance and repairs are intrinsic aspects of any machinery's lifecycle, and mobile robots are no exception. However, in a world that values swift operations and minimal downtime, a shift from reactive repairs to preventive maintenance is crucial. A robust preventive maintenance strategy with standardized work instructions helps robot operators regularly perform maintenance.

Why is Preventive Maintenance essential?


  • Enhanced Robot Longevity: Just as humans require regular health check-ups to ensure longevity, mobile robots benefit from proactive maintenance. Routine inspections, lubrication, and parts replacements extend the lifespan of these devices.

  • Minimized Downtime and Disruptions: Reactive repairs are akin to firefighting – they address issues only after they've caused disruptions. Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, minimizes unexpected breakdowns, ensuring that robots operate seamlessly and disruptions are kept at bay.

  • Intelligent Algorithms and Data-Driven Insights: Leverage device data and intelligent algorithms to create a preventive maintenance strategy instead of pure incident reactions which are costly to the business. This data-driven approach ensures that maintenance tasks are performed when necessary.

  • Predictable Maintenance Schedules: Scheduled maintenance empowers businesses with predictability. Maintenance cycles can be strategically planned during downtime, reducing the impact on day-to-day operations.

Frequency of Preventive Maintenance

The frequency at which a mobile robot should undergo maintenance depends on various factors. These include the type and functionality of the robot, external conditions such as the terrain, and the frequency and intensity of usage. Typically, preventive maintenance cycles are conducted on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. It is advisable to follow manufacturer recommendations or consult your system integrator.

Preventive Maintenance for longevity

Anyone who drives and maintains a car knows that regular routine maintenance is essential to guarantee safety and minimize unexpected downtimes. After all, you want to use the vehicle for as long as possible. Preventive maintenance of your robot fleet entails that you can use the devices for a long time. Establish maintenance cycles, and receive timely alerts when it’s time for the next one.
Consult your system integrator or robot manufacturer to obtain guidance on optimal maintenance frequency and procedures. Streamline the entire procedure by utilizing software that enables you to schedule maintenance cycles and fosters seamless collaboration with integrators and manufacturers.

WAKU Care simplifies the maintenance and repairs of mobile robots

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