What is a robot operator?

Published on 05.01.2024

AGV and AMR are being used in more and more companies. With the professional support of the new devices, a new field of activity is created. The Robot Operator is the person who has to take care of the control, monitoring and maintenance of the new devices. But what is the robot operator and what skills does it need to complete all tasks?


Robot operator as an all-rounder


The robot operator forms the interface between the operations lead, building services and various other roles. If the robots are used in a proof of concept, it is often the interface to a project team, innovation management and logistics planning. When the AGV or AMR systems are transferred into productive operation, it also forms a point of contact with EHS management and quality management. This means that the robot operator must have very good communication skills and work systematically. Other important skills of a robot operator are:

  • Technical understanding: This includes knowledge of the robot systems, such as knowledge of the sensors, control systems and a solid handling of the system interface. In addition, the robot operator must understand the technical basics of the devices, such as mechanics.
  • Operation and maintenance: The robot operator must be able to operate the robot systems error-free via the user interface and with other tools. This includes implementing new missions (driving orders). Maintenance of the robot systems must be carried out regularly by the robot operator. There is already an established tool for this, such as WAKU Care.
  • Understanding of security standards: Security guidelines and standards are often a major challenge when it comes to testing and implementing novel technologies. The robot operator must have knowledge of all the necessary rules and guidelines in order to operate the systems accurately.
  • Strong problem-solving skills: New technologies often bring new challenges. In order to face these challenges and keep the existing AGV or AMR fleet operational, the robot operator needs the ability to solve problems that arise in a structured manner.
  • Teamwork and communication: Communication is important in every process. Robot operators should have very strong communication skills. As an interface to various other positions and roles, the robot operator must be able to transparently communicate the current status of the robot project. In addition to the internal stakeholders, the robot operator must also be able to communicate with external stakeholders such as integrators or manufacturers of the robot systems.


Tools for the Robot Operator


The Robot Operator has a very versatile role. As long as the robot systems are running stably, he is involved in the management of the AGV and AMR devices. To do this, he needs key figures for the process. He has to measure the process, increase the efficiency of the equipment and keep an eye on everything. As soon as an error occurs, the robot operator switches from his management activity and becomes a hands-on problem solver. It is important for him to know what problem the robot has. Where is the robot? How can I solve the problem? How can I improve the process so that the problem doesn't occur again in the future?

WAKU Care offers tooling to map all tasks of a robot operator. This allows the robot operator to map all maintenance, spare parts management and analysis tasks of the robot systems in one software - manufacturer-independent and quick. WAKU Care informs the robot operator if errors occur via all channels such as SMS, email, MS Teams, Slack and much more.


How do I find a Robot Operator?


You often already have committed employees in your own company who are interested in innovative solutions such as AGVs or AMRs. These employees form a very good basis for the role of robot operator. You know the company and have worked with internal stakeholders for years worked together. Together with external experts in the field of robotics, you can quickly train these employees to become robot operators. We would be happy to support you with our consulting programs!

At WAKU Consulting, we accompany companies on their automation journey - from the selection of AGV and AMR systems to implementation and simulation. Our tailor-made solutions support internationally operating corporations and SMEs alike. Do you need support or have questions? Contact us now to learn how we can take your business to the next level of automation!

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