Vendor-independent analytics for all AGV & AMR

Deep insights for efficient robot operations

Process analysis in real time
Live status and views of all robots in one map
Deep insights into all relevant KPIs
Vendor-independent analytics for all devices
Better decisions thanks to AI & Big Data technology

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Instant error handling minimizes downtime

Advanced error handling and alerting

WAKU Analytics allows a detailed view on errors and problems of all devices. This allows a super fast reaction to occuring problems and helps with minimizing downtime of AGV and AMR. WAKU Analytics provides insights into the root causes of the problem and helps you with solving it instantly.

Be always up to date

Real-Time Device Status

WAKU Analytics provides a comprehensive live status of all devices. This enables the robot operator to always be in control of the whole robot fleet. Historicl data recorded by WAKU Analytics supports you with the optimization of your processes.

Setting up an efficient robot operation

Optimize your fleet

The deep insights into the performance of your robot fleet are a fundamental building block for all robot operators. WAKU Analytics is your companion for setting up an efficient and fully utilized robot fleet.

Understand processes and apply optimizations

Optimize with the help of AI and big data

Through artificial intelligence and the storage of large amounts of data (big data), WAKU Analytics enables you to react quickly to process changes. WAKU Analytics offers you a variety of functionalities that allow you to make quick and well-founded decisions.

User-friendly and easy to use

Collaborative to success with WAKU Analytics

Many departments and people in a company are involved in automation with AGV/AMR fleets. External service providers such as integrators also often play an important role. WAKU Analytics makes it possible that all departments (management, operations lead, employees on the shop floor) as well as all service providers can work collaboratively on the success of your automation project.

Everywhere - Up to Date - Comprehensive

The operating system for all robot operators

WAKU Analytics was developed together with experienced robot operators, who already have an extensive AGV/AMR fleet with devices from different manufacturers. With WAKU Analytics, our customers are able to master all tasks related to automation with mobile robots.

All features of WAKU Analytics at a glance

Analyze processes & find potential

Robot utilization at a glance

Tools enable the optimization of all processes

Find and eliminate causes of errors

Find erros and react instantly

Quick notification of errors and problems

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