Reliable Robot Operations


Having reliable robots working in your facilities is key for a successful transition from manual processes to automated processes. Choosing the right solution based on the criteria presented here can be a game-changer for your organization. But also, working with the right partner that supplies you with robots is important. This means choosing the best manufacturer that is able to deliver on your specific use cases is key, too.

Some criteria presented in this framework may be more important than others. So you should definitely consider which ones are relevant to you and prioritize them. This can vary from case to case and also from facility to facility. To make really profound decisions on prioritization, you should talk about it with the people on the ground, the top-level management as well as other stakeholders that are involved in the process. This also pays out when actually deploying robots, because all the people are well informed and supporting the mission. Employees that block the transition because they do not feel well informed, can bring such projects to fall. This is what we experienced from different clients already.

If things get too complicated or you need support on these topics do not hesitate to involve consultants and experts. WAKU Robotics for instance can help with selecting the most suitable manufacturers of robots as well as the robots themselves. With solid market intelligence and experience, WAKU Robotics is in the best position to accelerate your robot transformation.

Additional material on how a reliable robot, as well as a reliable manufacturer (robot vendor), looks, can be found at There you can find checklists, posters, and handouts that you can use to set up everything you need. Also, don’t forget to have a look at the Robot Operations Framework (ROF) that puts together everything you need to succeed with your first proof of concept and the further scaling of your robot fleet.

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