Reliable Robot Operations


This framework introduces you to the principles of reliable robots as well as reliable manufacturers. The current market of mobile robots is very fragmented and immature. Furthermore, the number of companies bringing these robots to market is accelerating at a huge pace. As a consequence, a lot of uncertainty regarding the manufacturers of the robots and the robots themselves arises.

The Reliable Robot & Manufacturers Framework provides guidance and support on how to identify a reliable robot. Also regarding the manufacturer of the robots, it shows you how solid documentation should look like, how incidents should be handled, and even more. WAKU Robotics offers professional assessments of mobile robots to ensure their reliability and availability.

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WAKU Robotics supports you in choosing the right robot for your application. We take care of the procurement of the robots as well as the on-site test. Our WAKU Platform software helps you to operate the robots across manufacturers and to analyze the processes.

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