Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Manufacturer Principles

Educational & enablement material

Enabling the people on the ground to operate and maintain the robot is very important to save time and money.

Besides the documentation that the manufacturer shall provide for setting up and maintaining the robot, another important aspect is the educational and enablement material. This means that in addition to regular documentation (such as a handbook and online manual) the manufacturer shall provide knowledge and insights about the technology that the robot is using.

This is important because the operator of the robot needs to get a solid understanding of the product. Educating the people on the ground also has an advantage for the manufacturer. By educating everyone working with the robot, the manufacturer and end-user are more likely to agree on necessary product updates. The end-user better understands why novel technologies and updates that cost money and effort are important.

Your Checklist
Ask if further material and information is provided by the manufacturer
Gather educational material about the device in order to understand the technology

Important Material

Acceptance Criteria
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