Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Mobile Robot Principles

Certified hardware & software

Before we start with principles regarding the setup and operation of the robot, we need to take a closer look at the actual robot. This means that we are focusing on the hardware and software parts. The hardware part of the robot can be certified via CE certification or others. It is important that the manufacturer can provide certification of the device. These certifications should cover the construction of the robot, sensors, actuators, and all visible parts of the robot. On the other hand, also the software should be certified. The possibilities of certification of such a system can range from assessment of the software stack (high-level) to the test of emergency functionalities (low-level). In some cases, it could be necessary to get a certification of a specific interface that is needed to duly operate the robot in a facility - a third-party system (like a WMS) for instance.

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