Reliable Robot Operations

Two Aspects of Reliability

The first part that has to be reliable during operation is the robot itself. If the robot is not working reliable, employees in your company will get frustrated and have a bad experience with the robot. The problems of unreliable robots can be manifold, ranging from a broken sensor to software with a bad user experience.

But to be honest, there is a second aspect of it. If the robot breaks, which can happen in different ways, you need professional support. Most of the problems that can occur are easy to solve. But of course, there are also problems that are hard to solve on your own. For this, you need a reliable partner who will help you with solving the problem. The second aspect of reliability is the manufacturer or a knowledge partner, who can help you very quickly and is well informed about the robot.

This is the reason why we structured this framework to cover both aspects, the robot as well as the manufacturer.

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