Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

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Enable your employees to learn

Constantly adapting to change will play a significant role in having success in an automated environment that uses a lot of technology to speed up processes and make them more efficient.

This requires employees to learn and keep learning technologies and technological tools. To enable this kind of environment, formats are needed that also unleash the creativity of your employees. These formats can be manifold.

For instance regular learning sessions as an offer from the organization to the employees where they can take part. These sessions should take place on a recurring basis. The learning session could be an inspirational talk (external guest or internal speaker) or an update of the technology. Combined with a reward system for participation (gamification options) this can create an environment for continuous learning.

Mental health sessions and training sessions for personal development is another important action you can take. Employees really like it if their employer takes care of their mental wellbeing. With this you invest in your employees which is very important. Imagine all the investments you will make to set up technology and robots. If you're not investing in your human workforce they will probably not grow with all the change that will happen in the near future.

Regular workshops about the change and input for the management and works council are an important tool to get feedback on how the change is progressing and what your employees are thinking about it. Also the input can be used by the top level management to adapt and thrive organizational success. Furthermore your employees feel more valued when they have an opportunity to form the company.

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