Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

2 - Infrastructure

Network and internet access

To communicate with a central base or other systems robots need to have access to a network. These networks need to be secure and well-managed. Some systems also require access to the internet, to bring the data to the cloud.

Especially when scaling robot systems up and having more than one site with robots, a cloud solution makes perfect sense. This allows a single view into your global fleet with location overarching control, analytics and up to remote operations and support. If you want to scale your system in the future, the easy way would be to start in the cloud. Relocation of existing systems can bring a huge time-effort and friction to an operational system that can not be shut down for such an action.

Setup a well-managed VPN tunnel to the internet where you always know which data leaves the facility and what the third party provider (or an inhouse solution) is doing with the data.

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