Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

The Initial Proof of Concept

Exploration phase

When trying to start with robots you are probably first looking for a robot or something that can help you. For these exploration steps, it is important to find someone familiar with the matter that can help you and save your time. Also, the largest comparison platform for mobile robots in logistics, production as well as cleaning and disinfection can help you with finding the right robotic solution. The platform offers solutions for different use cases like: box transport, cart transport, picking, goods to person systems among others.

It is important to note that a manual process can be automated using different solutions. This offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to realizing automated solutions, but also raises the complexity of finding the right solution. With that in mind, the exploration phase can be a very hard process. If you feel uncomfortable with doing this on your own, get external help from independent consultants.

Finding a robotic solution is of course one of the first steps, but there are some more and also important steps when it comes to the tasks that have to be done before actually starting to look for a robot.

Identifying use cases for the proof of concepts and talking about expectations with all stakeholders as well as the employees onsite are two important tasks that shouldn’t be neglected.

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