Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

The Initial Proof of Concept

Explore possible robotic solutions

To explore robotic solutions you can use which is the largest comparison platform for mobile robots. In case you need other robots or want to talk with robot experts regarding your case you can contact WAKU Robotics.

WAKU Robotics has experience in automation projects and can recommend a robot manufacturer (based on Reliable Manufacturer Operations principles) and a corresponding robot (based on Reliable Robot Operations principles). Also WAKU Robotics can help you with procuring this robot.

If you want to explore robots on your own using web search and LotsOfBots note that you compare different manufacturers and also contact them to find out what they are offering. Some manufacturers also offer a renting solution for a PoC. Others are not offering rental solutions for the PoC. In this case you need to buy the robot. Also be aware that different manufacturers offer different schemas of integrating the robot and different features for the operations.

Comparing robots and choosing the most suitable device is important. The importance of the parameters and the parameters itself can vary from case to case.

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WAKU Robotics supports you in choosing the right robot for your application. We take care of the procurement of the robots as well as the on-site test. Our WAKU Platform software helps you to operate the robots across manufacturers and to analyze the processes.

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