Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

The Initial Proof of Concept

First days activities

The first days after the robot arrived and is being unpacked are crucial. With the arrival of a new co-worker groundbreaking things will change. Meetings and talking to people on the shopfloor are important actions to master this change.

Organize a kick-off meeting with key persons. You can plan this meeting before or after the integration of the robot. The purpose of this meeting is to align all the people involved, to recap the tasks and to make sure that everyone understands which KPIs mean success and which mean fail.

Walk around and talk to people on the shop floor, raise awareness for the robot, explain the experiment, the metrics and invite them to come and observe the robot for some time.
If you don’t have an integration into WMS or other control systems, you need to announce one person that is responsible for feeding the robotic system with tasks. According to experience the Team Lead or Shift Lead is responsible for this.

The first days are mostly the period in the PoC where the most problems occur or the most changes happen (to the process, team, device and the environment). So make sure that at least the core team is present and fully engaged in everything that happens.

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