Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

The Initial Proof of Concept

The PoC Weekly

Synchronization and alignment is important. To achieve that all involved roles are aligned on the progress of the PoC, you can introduce the PoC Weekly. This weekly can be used also for steering of the use case and the current robot operations.

**These roles should be involved in the PoC Weekly: **

  • Warehouse management
  • Operations management
  • Project management
  • Logistics Planner
  • Shift Leader or Team Lead

**The following activities are important during the PoC Weekly: **

  • Presentation of KPIs and report from the robot
  • Which problems did occur during the week?
  • What are the suggestions to optimize the robot operations further?
  • Which processes (shift changes, incidents, etc.) can be improved?
  • Are all responsibilities clear for the upcoming week?

All in all, this PoC weekly should feel like a look into the rearview mirror (last week) and a look through the windshield (upcoming week). The look into both directions should always be guided by the numbers from the report as well as from experience of the people attending.

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