Robot Operations Framework

Three pillars of Robot Operation Excellence

The three pillars of operational excellence can be broken down into team, infrastructure as well as processes (TIP). Every pillar requires another approach to change and adaptation but all of these pillars are important to master the change.

A well-educated, brave, and forward-looking team for instance is not able to execute on everything if the processes are not ready for it. Also, if the infrastructure was set up to be rock solid and ready to connect to the automation systems but the team has no idea what to do with it, this can cause the project to fail. This demonstrates that all three pillars are equally important. The real competitive advantage just plays out if you are able to master all of them.

In the next chapter, we will talk about the proof of concept (PoC) and how to handle it. Some of the principles used in The Initial Proof of Concept chapter can also be found in the later chapters when we are going into more detail.

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