Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

1 - Society

Resilience and Service Expectations

Especially after the Coronavirus pandemic, society has become more aware of the fact that supply chains and logistic processes need to be resilient. The pandemic situation forced us to take measures like shutdowns or reprioritizing supply chains. These measures revealed drastic problems in supply chains and logistics everywhere.

People inside logistics companies, but society, too, have been starting to rethink the structure and processes in supply chains. The new awareness, especially in the western world, brings the potential to cause a different perception regarding logistic processes: The question of how these processes are handled in case of a pandemic situation, a war, or other events that have the potential to shake up supply chains, has arisen.

Current trends like the growing eCommerce and Qcommerce (quick commerce) are huge drivers when it comes to service expectations. Customers expect to get their goods in time. However, there is also a trend to bring back the local production of goods. This can result in shorter ways for production logistics as well as for distribution logistics.

These different trends will influence supply chains and restructure current processes. For organizations in the area of logistics, these trends are more than relevant to watch.

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