Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

2 - Organization

Green Finance & Bonds

Green finance and green bonds are an instrument for organizations to finance sustainable, that offer a low-interest rate but they are purpose-bound mostly to specific projects.

The advantages of taking in green bonds are very obvious. Of course, the low-interest rate speaks for itself, but also the publicity or starting green projects should not be underestimated. For the brand of the organization, this could bring a huge booster. With that, also green investors (looking for sustainable investments) can get attracted, which also helps the organization to find money for their projects. This means that the circle of potential investors is growing.

The organization can use the proceeds from these green bonds to sustainably automate their facilities, setup transformation teams to educate employees on sustainability and automation topics as well as start programs to use renewable energies from their own supply or make the facility smart with sensory input so that it optimizes its energy consumption by itself. Also, green transport and green mobility are included in the idea of green bonds.

Another instrument for financing sustainable projects could be green grants. These grants are mostly coming from (public) institutions and need a proper concept.

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