Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

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Action points for Human Resources

The role of the human resource department in the journey to reach sustainable automation can be defined as an enabler. This department needs to take care of the workforce. Below are some of the most important action points for human resources.

  • Hire diverse people for your teams.
  • Push for mentor-mentee programs in your organization and organize them.
  • Offer employee training and further education.
  • Create job offers for ‘Robot Operators’ and people with IT skills (can be found in our Robot Operations Framework at
  • Provide an inclusive work environment for your employees.
  • Participate in ESG activities of your organization.
  • Develop plans to scale down the workforce responsibly (try to find jobs for them within the business network of your organization).
  • Enable the management as well as the workforce to take and give feedback regularly, and establish a framework for trusting communication.
  • Work closely together with the works council to make it future ready.
  • Guide the workforce through the transformation process by communicating openly.
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