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Talk about your Transformation

Nothing is more rewarding than reflecting on the hard and honest work of you and your employees, whether with potential clients, within the management, on the shop floor, or to the media. In fact, it is a means of rewarding you and your organization. However, telling the public that this kind of transformation is happening in your organization might be even more rewarding.

We recommend experimenting with potential success stories on new mobile robots or other technologies within your company. The announcement of such an experiment or a partnership with a technology leader in the field is relevant to the public as well as for your employees to create and keep interest in your company.

When it comes to internal communication, make sure to always add a call to action for your employees saying: ‘If you have any questions, reach out to us’ or even better ‘If you want to take part in the process, reach out to us’.

Of course, execution of the transformation process is key, but communicating it in the right way is key, too.

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WAKU Robotics supports you in choosing the right robot for your application. We take care of the procurement of the robots as well as the on-site test. Our WAKU Platform software helps you to operate the robots across manufacturers and to analyze the processes.

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