Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

The TRANSFORM Principles

Identifying unhealthy tasks

TRANSFORM by identifying unhealthy tasks. Find repetitive tasks within your organization. They are unhealthy for physical and psychological health, meaning that people often get mental illnesses (e.g. depression, boreout) and are more prone to get back and knee problems in old age. Unsatisfied and depressed employees are more likely to change their jobs. Therefore, it is important to identify them and find ways to automate them.

Starting with: Have a close look on a selected set of processes in your warehouse. Create a long list with the most interesting ones. After that, make short lists prioritized by how repetitive the processes are and how easy their replacement could be tested with a new technology, for instance, an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) or an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). Mostly, the tasks that follow a monotone routine are predestined for this.

Measures & Initiatives: Talking to your employees about their tasks and identifying these tasks together with them (or the operations lead) makes a lot of sense.

Feedback on progress: It takes a long amount of time to get feedback within the scope of this TRANSFORM principle: During or after an experiment with an automation solution (e.g. mobile robot) you are provided with valuable information. Before the test, the feedback you receive is mostly personal opinions or speculations.

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