Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

The TRANSFORM Principles

Investing in your Employees

TRANSFORM by investing in your employees. This principle summarizes all actions around different investments in your employees to make them ready for the transformation and the changes that will come.

Starting with: The creation of an organizational culture, where you are constantly seeking opportunities to invest in your employees, is the starting point of this principle. After that, just plan the first initiative and make it a success. More complex initiatives can follow if the foundation is working.

Measures & Initiatives: Regular workshops, educational training, and personal development programs (e.g. mentor-mentee programs) are the right initiatives here. These initiatives begin to be valuable if you make sure that the learned subjects are practiced afterward. Also, inviting external guests and speakers can inspire your employees. Mental health, for example, is a very important topic, and sessions on this topic can be very fruitful. Another initiative is team building events that are relevant for a harmonious organizational culture and comfortable work atmosphere.

Feedback on progress: Get feedback from employees on the initiatives and adjust the programs. Find out how many people attended the workshop, talk or program. Conduct a survey to find out what your employees would like to learn or do.

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