The WAKU Update

#33 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - David Niedermaier & Daniel Zindl, AGILOX (DE)

Episode in German

The technology company AGILOX, a global player in the field of autonomous mobile robots (AMR), has already gained over 100 customers in more than 20 countries. You will learn more about the company's international expansion in our conversation with David Niedermaier, the CTO and Managing Director, and Daniel Zindl, Chief Product Officer at AGILOX.

In this episode the following topics are covered:

  • AGILOX's success factors in product and organizational development
  • The digital ecosystem and how their digital products create new business models
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of AMR
  • Security as a unique selling point
  • The self-service and do-it-yourself approach in product design

Would you like to look behind the scenes at AGILOX? Then listen to the new episode now!


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