The WAKU Update

#40 - WAKU Update Podcast - Dr. Andreas Bahke, Körber Supply Chain (DE)

Every company has individual requirements, specific needs, and expectations for the automation of logistical processes with mobile robotics. In this regard, system integrators come into play. They specialize in seamlessly integrating customized software and automation solutions tailored to the needs and processes of a company. Körber Supply Chain, with over 200,000 successfully implemented robots, is among the international leaders in system integration and end-to-end technologies for logistics. Andreas Bahke, Vice President of AMR at Körber Supply Chain Software, is our guest today, answering intriguing questions:

  • What role do system integrators play in the robotics ecosystem?
  • What application solutions exist for mobile robots (AGV & AMR)?
  • How important are software solutions for the successful operation of robots?
  • Which promises to end-users of robots are actually achievable?
  • What can we expect in the future in the AMR market?
  • How does Körber Supply Chain realize excellent maintenance service and support? And how has WAKU Robotics become an indispensable partner for Körber in this regard?

All this and more awaits you in the podcast. Listen to this episode now!

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