The WAKU Update

#27 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Dr. Günter Ullrich, Forum AGV (DE)

Celebrate with us the one-year anniversary of "Roboter in der Logistik - Das WAKU Update"! To mark this special occasion, we have an extraordinary guest joining us, Günter Ullrich from Forum-FTS, who was also featured in our inaugural episode where safety in AGV projects was discussed with Victor Splittgerber.

In this latest episode, their insightful conversation continues, and you can expect to explore a range of captivating topics, including:

  • The latest updates in the fourth edition of the FTS Handbook.
  • The critical role of 3D sensor systems and their fusion in ensuring safe robot operation.
  • Ensuring object, machine, and personnel safety in FTS projects, particularly in outdoor environments.
  • How software solutions can alleviate the bottlenecks faced by commissioning teams.
  • A fascinating glimpse into the remarkable project "Cargo sous terrain (CST)."

Don't miss out on this thrilling episode! Tune in now to gain valuable insights and stay updated with the latest advancements in logistics robotics. Join us as we celebrate our journey and delve into cutting-edge developments in the world of robotics and logistics.


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