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#39 - WAKU Update Podcast - Bastiaan Snaterse, DHL Supply Chain

Episode in English
DHL Supply Chain serves as an exemplary case, having embarked on the introduction of the initial mobile robots in a single warehouse years ago, subsequently expanding globally across various sites on different continents. They have successfully integrated over 6000 robots, including those from Locus Robotics, into approximately 2000 warehouses.

Bastiaan Snaterse, Global Director of Product Development Management at DHL Supply Chain, delves deeper into these insights in the latest episode of the WAKU Update.
Topics Covered:

  • Strategic planning, implementation, and scaling of robot projects at DHL
  • DHL’s evaluation process to determine the feasibility of robot projects using operational profiles
  • Challenges, opportunities, and insights gleaned by Bastiaan throughout his robotic journey
  • The importance of transparent communication and employee involvement
  • Cost-efficient service and maintenance of robots
  • And much more
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