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#37 - WAKU Update Podcast - Daniel Theobald, Vecna Robotics & MassRobotics

Episode in English

Daniel Theobald, founder of Vecna Robotics, MassRobotics, Twisted Fields, and Mekable, has spearheaded an impressive lineup of ventures. Committed to his passion for advancing the accessibility of robotics on a global scale, Daniel has played a crucial role in democratizing the field.

Victor and Daniel discuss:

  • Daniel's 3Ms hypothesis of robotics and automation
  • The 99:1 rule of robot deployment
  • The importance of pre-competitive collaboration for the industry
  • Vecna Robotics' commitment to purpose-driven operations
  • The developmental trajectory of MassRobotics in the coming decade
  • The Mass Robotics vs. VDA5050 debate
  • Insights into initiating successful robot projects and more.

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