The WAKU Update

#45 - WAKU Update Podcast - Florian Pestoni, InOrbit (EN)

Episode in English
Florian Pestoni, CEO of InOrbit, joins Victor Spitgeber in this episode to explore the need for software infrastructure to operate robots at scale and the importance of managing robot fleets in real-world environments. Both agree that the complexity of robot deployment increases as more companies scale up the number of robots from various providers. Florian explains that Inorbit provides a management platform for operating robots and helps both robotics companies and end users in managing their robots.

Other Topics covered:

  • The expansion of robotics into diverse fields beyond warehouses and manufacturing plants
  • Shifting from individual robot management to statistical management strategies
  • InOrbit partnering with WAKU Robotics to maximize the potential of every robot
  • The significance of interoperability initiatives and standards, and the optimal timing for commencement, for both end users and robot vendors
  • Florian's visionary outlook on a future populated by billions of robots

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