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#30 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Michael Alexander Schneider, Idealworks

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, BMW ventured into the mobile robotics industry through its spin-off, idealworks. Since then, they have been introducing transport robots and cutting-edge control software. This journey presented the company with unforeseen challenges, leading to profound learning experiences and unexpected opportunities.

Idealworks CEO, Michael Alexander Schneider, provides an exclusive glimpse into their story, unveiling intriguing aspects such as

  • Idealworks' evolution and its visionary 5-year outlook
  • The first major customer project at Zalando
  • The dynamic idealworks robot ecosystem
  • How idealworks utilizes virtual reality for training and simulating their mobile robots together with Nvidia
  • Tips for a successful start with mobile robots for any size of company

Get ready to look behind the scenes of the BMW spin-off. Tune in now!

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