The WAKU Update

#41 - WAKU Update Podcast - Imre Kiss, Advanced Robotics Zrt.

In this episode, we delve into the dynamic landscape of the Hungarian robotics market, currently undergoing swift development fueled by a growing demand for automation solutions. Victor sits down with Imre G. Kiss, Project Specialist from Advanced Robotics, the pioneering robotics system integrator in Hungary. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence technologies, they tackle challenges in warehouse and factory logistics operations.

Key highlights from the episode include:

  • Influential factors driving the Hungarian robotics market
  • The evolutionary path of robot solutions in Hungary's automotive sector
  • Collaborative ventures with WAKU Robotics & OPEX Corporation
  • The pivotal role of AI & Big Data in the realm of robotics
  • And much more

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