The WAKU Update

#28 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Mike Oitzman, The Mobile Robot Guide

If we could see into the future of robotics technologies, we would eagerly peek ahead. However, instead, we have something just as exciting - the expertise of seasoned observers who are deeply immersed in the latest developments and promising technologies. One such veteran in the field is Mike Oitzman. In this episode, we grill him on the direction of robotics, the evolving mobile and industrial robot verticals, and the limitless possibilities of automation.

Mike shares his valuable insights and highlights from the Automate 2023 conference, where he explored cutting-edge technologies and identified promising newcomers with immense potential.

In the concluding segment, we engage in a captivating discussion about the growing interest in robot maintenance, driven by the ever-increasing demand for user-friendly maintenance tools.

If this sounds intriguing to you, don't wait! Tune in to the episode now.

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