The WAKU Update

#35 - WAKU Update Podcast - David Reger, NEURA Robotics

Episode in English

Cognitive robots prompt discomfort for some but unveil myriad possibilities for others. Visionary David Reger, leading NEURA Robotics, pioneers technologies advancing collaborative robot cognition. These robots excel in tasks from daily chores to vital cancer screenings, showcasing diverse applications in the industrial landscape.

Explore further:

  • David's industrial vision with NEURA Robotics
  • NEURA Robotics' journey to market the first humanoid multipurpose robot
  • Collaboration through the Neuraverse platform
  • Global investor search and regional mentalities (Europe, US, Japan, China)
  • David's successful navigation of global investor challenges
  • NEURA Robotics' current investor strategy and structure, and more.

If you're interested in the realm of cognitive robots, tune in now!

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