The WAKU Update

#36 - WAKU Update Podcast - Stefan Drieschner, otto group (DE)

Episode in German

To prepare for the future of logistics, the otto group, a trade and service company, is integrating mobile robots from Boston Dynamics into its logistics centers. This isn't the first time the Otto Group has collaborated with providers of mobile robots. Together with WAKU Robotics, the company tested the deployment of an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) in its Hermes Logistics Center in Ansbach.

These developments are accompanied by the otto group's Circle of Robotics. Stefan Drieschner, Head of Department SCM and Leader of the Circle of Robotics, provides us with interesting insights into the world of robotics at the otto group.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Goals, Vision & Strategy of the Otto Group in the field of Robotics
  • Implementation of Automation Projects at the Otto Group
  • Takeaways from the Proof of Concept (PoC) with WAKU Robotics
  • Partnership with Boston Dynamics & Covariant
  • Key Factors in Strategic Partnerships

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