Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Mobile Robot Principles

Analytics for reporting and improvement

Analytics of data and diagnostics of processes are important to improve iteratively.

Data from the robot can be used in various ways. The most obvious way is to create reports for the top-level management. But also real-time insights into the operations of the robot are important. This can be achieved if all robots offer an interface / API where an analytics tool can get the data from, evaluate the data, and is able to analyze all relevant KPIs.

Diagnostics is another important aspect. With analytics covering all the KPIs in real-time and historical, the diagnostics part uses the data from the analytics to find out actionable insights on how the process can be optimized. If the robot is not supporting these kinds of functionalities, maybe third-party software is able to do this. A common misconception is that robots are working optimally from day one. Analytics & diagnostics of processes and the robot itself are needed to improve your robot operations from time to time.

Your Checklist
Define relevant KPIs for your robot operations
Does the robot offer data to conduct and analyze your relevant KPIs
Does the robot offer analytics & diagnostics functionalities
Is the analytics & diagnostics system able to connect to other vendors

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