Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Mobile Robot Principles

Reporting of data

During operations of the robot, a lot of data is being generated. The robot should collect this data (or let it be collected by another service). This data can be used for reporting afterward. For this, the robot needs an interface / API (Application Programming Interface) that allows third parties to capture the relevant data from the device.

With a robot that allows data concerning the condition and performance of the device can be used by the operator for different purposes, the operations can be optimized and valuable insights about the robot and the process can be generated.

This topic gets more and more important if you run different types of robots that you want to monitor in one system. Not having a zoo of tools for every robot vendor reduces complexity.

Your Checklist
Has the robot an open interface / API that a third party system can use
Is all relevant data available through these APIs

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