Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Mobile Robot Principles

Flexible operations

Only in a very few cases, does a robot (during its lifetime) operate in just one process. In most cases, robots will be shifted from process to process - depending on the current needs. This is also one of the clearly recognizable advantages of employing robots.

For this, the robot shall have a well-documented workflow to easily change the process and behavior. Changes in the process (often called mission or job) are usually executed via using a web interface to the robot. This interface should also guide you through all the changes and perform plausibility checks for the changes you have made.

Robots that are very flexible when it comes to changing workflows and processes are more valuable since they can work in different areas on various tasks and therefore provide a higher workload which is significant in terms of amortization of the device.

Your Checklist
Find out how easy you can change the workflow of the robot
Consider possible other cases where you can employ this robot

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