Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Mobile Robot Principles

Reduce complexity & cognitive load

Whether the robot is running and you need performance reporting or an error occurs, the robot shall provide fast & contextual information in order to lower the complexity and cognitive load of the employee who is responsible for the device.

If an error occurs, and production or processes have to stop because of it, every second counts to bring the device back. In this case, the robot has to provide the source of error as well as possible solutions to the problem. If this is not the case, the operator coming in and trying to fix the machine could be overwhelmed by the pressure of bringing the device back.

All in all, the complexity that the device brings with it can also be a huge factor when it comes to educating new employees and onboarding new robot operators to the device.

Your Checklist
Learn about how errors are handled and how supportive the interface is
Simulate the onboarding process you would perform for new robot operators

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