Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Mobile Robot Principles

User-centered interface design

During the whole process of setting up the robot and the operation of the robot, the device shall provide a user-centered interface. This means providing all necessary information that the operator of the robot needs in the situational context that is currently happening.

Other principles of user-centered interface design are:

  • Solid navigation through the software interface
  • Error-free (descriptive messages if an error occurs)
  • Assistance while using the software for the first time
  • Present information clearly to the user
  • Provide feedback if something is not working or other steps are necessary
  • Consistency in language and dialogs
  • Avoidance of overloaded views or screens with unnecessary information

In the past, the interfaces of machines were often built to serve computer scientists or workers with a background in engineering. With robots hitting the mainstream this has to change. Today's use of mobile robots in production or logistics often has none of these backgrounds.

Your Checklist
Inspect the interface of the robot before delivery
Check if the software applies these user-centered design principles

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