Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

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New full-time scenario

Work models shifted always during the development of mankind. Back in the days it was pretty normal that people were working more than 40 hours a week in their jobs. Currently the full-time scenario describes a 40 hours model. With the advent of automation this will change. Some countries already tested 4 days a week models or even 32 hours a week.

With employees working more and more with their mental power instead of just physical power, work becomes more and more exhausting. Of course work that is done purely with physical power is also exhausting. But mental work has no beginning and no ending. Also mental stress can last longer and employees that are working mentally often take their thoughts to their homes. They do not stop thinking about something that is going on in their brains when leaving the company.

That being said, a new full-time scenario is needed. And this makes also sense when thinking about a shrinking workforce. With employees going down with their working time, other employees can take over the working time that now needs to be reallocated.

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