Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

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Progressive works council

Current works councils are often very conservative when it comes to robot automation. They fear job loss of their employees despite other concerns. But with a changing world also works councils have to rethink their position and priorities.

It is common sense that just doing physical work and repetitive tasks during the whole career of an employee can bring problems when people get older. Physical workers often get disc problems or other wear related problems. People working on repetitive tasks often experience a mental drain and after years and years of repetitive tasks it becomes difficult to find other tasks for them.

Also with a shrinking workforce and some job losses are inevitable, the works council has to take the company into account to help these employees with finding new jobs. This could be the responsibility of the company. Every company has a network of partners on all their ends of the value chain. These companies could be a good new employer for some of the workers. Also, with a lot of baby boomers retiring in the next decades, new positions get free and offer a new opportunity to these workers.

The works council also should focus on further education, learning sessions, mental health and personal development training for the employees. In this manner the whole organisation will undergo a change to an open-minded company that is ready for the future.

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