Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

3 - Processes


When adding robots you are increasing your technical assets which need continuous caretaking to secure healthy long living and reliable systems. Well organized maintenance routines combined with software tooling to identify broken devices and predict upcoming outages (e.g. predictive maintenance), are essential for a proper maintenance strategy.

Robotic hardware has sensible parts like sensors and cameras which need regular cleaning. Other parts are subject to heavy wear and must be replaced regularly (e.g. tires). Many errors in daily operation can be avoided if the robots are regularly maintained and consumable parts are replaced. Predefined maintenance plans with automatic reminders and digitally prepared instructions enable simple maintenance routines.

To use spare parts more efficiently and expose robot fleets to less downtime due to maintenance, software tools are available to analyze data and predict when certain parts potentially need maintenance.

WAKU Sense allows, through direct data analysis, to coordinate and document the maintenance tasks in an optimal way.

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